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As we prepare for re-opening we would like to remind you that protecting your health and safety continue to be our number one priority. Apart from offering high quality and expert care, we are ready to serve you with a medical setting of elevated safety measures and stringent protocols to maximize protection.

Although our clinic is currently closed for in-person visits, we are scheduling virtual consultations with Dr. Manish Khanna, FRCPC.

Thank you for your patience over the last few months. We are eagerly looking forward to promoting the health and beauty of your skin and continuing to enhance your positive self-image.


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Montreal CoolSculpting®

A non-surgical way to reduce stubborn fat bulges.

CoolSculpting Montreal

Despite healthy lifestyle choices it can be difficult to lose stubborn fat.

CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary procedure that targets unwanted fat bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is non-surgical and does not take time away from work, social activities or family.

CoolSculpting MontrealA simple observation followed by a research paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1970 led to life-changing technology. The observation: children developed cheek dimples due to eating popsicles. The cold was destroying their fat.

CoolSculpting MontrealForty years later and based on these findings CoolSculpting®, developed by Harvard University scientists, was conceived. By gently and selectively cooling your ‘trouble areas’ we can destroy fat cells.

Starting a few weeks after the procedure the body proceeds to naturally and gradually eliminate the fat cells, reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

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*These photos are provided for informative purposes and are not a guarantee of the result.

CoolSculpting® + Z-wave Pro Radial Pulse Technology

CoolSculpting MontrealIn 2015 we started a combination therapy approach. By combining CoolSculpting® and Zwave Pro we could offer patients better and faster results.


Zwave Pro is a form of Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT). It transmits powerful subsonic vibrations into the area where the subcutaneous fat is being treated. These high-energy sounds waves increase blood flow to the treated area and help increase the metabolic rate, or metabolism, of the fat cell elimination.

ZWAVE post CSThe ZWave provides a more uniform and effective massage of the treated areas than can be achieved with hand massage alone. This has been shown through controlled studies to almost double the percentage of fat absorption and also to allow full results to be seen significantly faster.

Combining CoolSculpting® and Zwave at PEAU

CoolSculpting Montreal Love HandlesThe greatest success comes from combining CoolSculpting® with Zwave in the same session as well as 1 additional Zwave treatment approximately 1 week later.

When combined, CoolSculpting® + ZWave® provide:

  • Better results - up to 60% better
  • Faster results - up to twice as fast
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced swelling
  • Faster healing

ZWave is complimentary for our CoolSculpting® patients.

Millions of CoolSculpting® treatments have been performed world-wide over the last decade. The top leaders in the field have integrated Zwave Pro into their practice to provide patients with the most superior results.

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