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Reduce your Belly Bulge with CoolSculpting®

The excess fat in the tummy area is what is most frustrating to get rid of. It gets in the way of buttoning/zipping our pants and jeans and can create discomfort and distress when our clothes don’t fall the way we would want.

When healthy lifestyle choices like proper nutrition and exercise are not helping with the stubborn tummy fat and bulges around your waistline, you may wonder what the alternatives are?

We have a solution. CoolSculpting®.

The CoolSculpting® technology is the most effective non-surgical treatment to reduce stubborn tummy fat. The results are consistent and often comparable to what is achieved with surgery.

Once we have had the opportunity to assess your ‘problem’ area, we will then devise a protocol specifically designed to target your tummy. A treatment plan is designed by selecting:

  1. the type of applicators that are best suited to your abdomen
  2. the number of applicators required to ensure a successful outcome

On the treatment day you will sit on a comfortable bed positioned upright and you will be able to work on your laptop, read or even fall asleep.

Over the next weeks and months the area that was treated will start to reduce and you will surely notice a difference in how your clothing fits and feels.

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