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What's Different About CoolSculpting®


Developed by Harvard scientists, Coolsculpting® utilizes a method called Cryolipolysis (the use of precisely controlled cooling to remove fat). The gentle cooling directly targets the underlying fat, leaving the skin’s surface and other tissue unaffected. The fat cells are selectively destroyed and are naturally removed from the body.

Why the CoolSculpting® Procedure is Different?

CoolSculpting® uses cooling technology as opposed to laser light or heat.

The controlled cooling of CoolSculpting® targets and eliminates only fat cells while preserving all other tissue. Other treatment methods such as lasers, radiofrequency, and focused ultrasound affect fat cells and may affect other adjacent tissue in a way that is not comparable to the CoolSculpting® method.

CoolSculpting® is also the most consistent and predictable when it comes to results.

Finally, you can have a "wow" result with a non-surgical treatment!

Lose your fat, gain your confidence!