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Sculpt your Arms with CoolSculpting®

It’s real. You can stop shying away from sleeveless dresses, tops and blouses with a treatment that takes just a few hours.

You may or may not have time to tone your biceps, triceps and other muscles that form the shoulders but the truth is that despite exercise it is difficult to reduce the “flabby” arm.

We offer a solution for you. CoolSculpting®.

Upon assessment of your goals and desired results, we will come up with a tailored plan for you which may involve 1-2 treatments.

As we have 2 CoolSculpting® machines, we are able to treat both your arms simultaneously. On the day of the treatment you will spend about 1.5 to 2 hours with us.

In the weeks and months following your session, you will start to notice a reduction of the layer of fat in the arm area as the fat cells that were destroyed by gentle cooling with be eliminated by your body.

Women are thrilled with the results as there is a new confidence that comes from more toned and sculpted arms!

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